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Careers Talk 12 September 2019
TDD training offsite. That’s me in the corner. As new graduates we had little idea what would await in the first week of our careers. To tell the truth, we didn’t really know what to.
Careers Talk 2 August 2019
 “An internship is like a trial run, you get to try out the firm and they get to have an extended interview with you.” Finishing university brings about a plethora of exciting yet intimidating and.
Careers Talk 15 July 2019
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, or so the proverb goes. At BidFX we encourage our engineers to be the antithesis of boring. To maintain the sparkle, we believe in getting.
Careers Talk 30 August 2018
We weren’t sure what to expect initially from our internship with BidFX. As Computer Science students in our second year at Imperial College London we didn’t have any previous experience of foreign exchange or working.
Careers Talk 7 August 2018
BidFX offer the world’s best FX Execution Management System. Having been at BidFX for just over one month, my first impressions have been overwhelmingly positive. In my role as a project manager I have the.
Careers Talk 31 July 2018
Last week the BidFX dev team went on a mystery day trip. During the minibus journey towards a classified location, many guesses were made as to where we were heading, everything from London zoo, to.
Careers Talk 18 June 2018
When I graduated from Cambridge I was looking forward to putting my computer science education to good use in the hi-tech world of finance. So when I was given the job of building a plugin.
Careers Talk 24 September 2017
It is that time of year again. Summer is over, the tree leaves are turning colour and students have started back at university. I drove my son to Bath University this weekend in time for.

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