The FX industry is changing and adapting as regulatory and market changes force technical innovation from market leading Fintech firms such as BidFX. Asset Managers/Hedge Funds/Banks and all FX clients now have additional requirements for their FX trading platform encompassing more efficient and transparent trading tools which allow them to manage trade flow, avoid market manipulation and control both information leakage and market impact.

Buyside users require trading and work flow solutions to capture and quantify 'alpha' and to monitor performance vs benchmarks in a simple and intuitive manner.

Within this environment BidFX has developed.


  • Cutting edge execution capabilities including an innovative Autorouting engine
  • Streaming, RFQ, Voice
  • FX Algo hub
  • Staging and full straight-through processing
  • Internal crossing / netting of positions and currency pairs
  • TCA - Pre-trade, In-trade, Post-trade
  • All tradable currency pairs (including exotic NDFs)

BidFX is a TradingScreen company - the market leading provider of electronic trading solutions for the global financial marketplace.

BidFX has addressed challenges of the FX market head on by introducing a complete suite of negotiation protocols which include Autorouting, Streaming, RFS, Voice and Algos via a cloud- based FX solution incorporating best-execution. Clients have access to cutting edge execution management, encompassing a complete suite of negotiation tools and a hub to all major banks Algo suites. Our TCA solution features Pre-Trade predictive models, In-Trade benchmarking and Post-Trade synopses. BidFX fulfils the ideal as the one truly multi-asset, broker-neutral EMS in the marketplace today.