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BidFX 2018 Graduate Training Programme

24 September 2017 BidFX

It is that time of year again. Summer is over, the tree leaves are turning colour and students have started back at university. I drove my son to Bath University this weekend in time for his freshers week. Seeing all those young expectant faces, moving their gear in to their halls of residence, reminded me that some of the students will be embarking on their final year of studies. Their minds will soon be turning to exams and the need to graduate with good class honours. The better organised amongst them will also be considering at this time their life after college. The need to find work and to kick start their career. The milk-rounds will soon be upon them. So now is the time to start looking for graduate jobs in 2018.

Few, if any, students see their final university year as the end of their education. For most, their graduation marks only the transition from building up student debt to being able to start paying it off again. They expect their education to continue post graduation and so look for employers that provide ongoing training and support.

At BidFX we recognise not only the need to recruit top graduates but also the need to train and mentor them. To that end, BidFX are pleased to announce the opening of our 2018 IT graduate training programme. We will start accepting applications this week from IT graduates, from the top universities, who wish to join our training programme starting late summer 2018.

For more details see our careers page.

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