Daniel Chambers, Head of Data and Analytics Daniel Chambers discusses the use of traditional methods of cost analysis and whether they are still relevant in today's marketplace. As any portfolio manager will attest to, getting.
BidFX's Liquidity Provision Analytics (LPA) solution is proudly featured by Google Cloud in their latest blog article. Learn how BidFX leverages Google Cloud to reduce its time-to-market and make electronic trading scalable.  Imagine you just.
BidFX recently launched its Liquidity Provision Analytics (LPA) product suite for customers, Colin Lambert talks to Daniel Chambers, head of data and analytics at the firm, about what it is trying to bring to market..
Media & Industry News 2 February 2023
FX Algo Wheel - This article discusses the expansion of algo trading, in particular the adoption of the algo wheel in FX trading.    To most multi-asset dealing desks the concept of an algo wheel.
Media & Industry News 26 December 2022
BidFX's Outlook for 2023.  The following interview was conducted with John McGrath, Chief Revenue Officer at BidFX.  What were the key theme(s) for your business in 2022? Interest in clearing OTC FX, and more specifically,.
Media & Industry News 21 September 2022
Best Execution assesses the toll geopolitical and macro-economics are having on the FX markets. More than three months after Russia invaded Ukraine the conflict shows no sign of abating. The ramifications for the Ukrainian people.

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