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From The Management 14 December 2022
日本語版 Tak Koyama, Sales Director, BidFX  It has been more than 20 years since the first electronic foreign exchange trading platform appeared in the real money segment in Japan. Since then, technology, along with data,.
From The Management 8 October 2021
Just as Amazon started out selling only books, before dominating the entire online retail world, so it seems for FX platforms, which began by offering simplicity in execution and have now evolved into slick interfaces.
From The Management 26 February 2021
Foreword by Matthew Reid, Product Manager, Director of SimCorp’s Order Manager solution. With its far-reaching remit, MiFID II reshaped European institutional financial markets, with a series of measures that sought to address and improve Over.
From The Management 22 October 2020
I do not think technology can replace the instincts and experience of a good trader or the excellent service that many forward-looking LPs provide to their clients. Instead, I believe backend automation opens more possibilities.
From The Management 15 October 2020
In this exclusive interview with Adam Toms, CEO of OpenFin Europe, Jean-Philippe Malé spoke about his personal journey with intrapreneurship, moving to Singapore and BidFX disrupting the FX market with not just new technologies, but.
From The Management 31 March 2020
We are all living through tough times. The world has locked down to fight the coronavirus. Economic activity has stagnated, and a deep recession will surely follow. In the immediate fallout, many good people are.
From The Management 13 March 2020
As awareness around the Coronavirus (COVID-19) heightens, we at BidFX remain committed to our employees, clients, and partners to provide the utmost care, safety, and well being during this time. As our industry continues to.
From The Management 24 November 2019
You don't get ahead by standing still. Mobility is a fundamental building block of success in almost any human endeavour. In serving customer needs, BidFX strives to be at the front of the crowd and.
From The Management 12 November 2019
When we designed the original BidFX®logo, we started with the company name – in a bold sans-serif font – enclosed in a clean square border. To represent the growth potential of FX trading, we incorporated.
From The Management 16 September 2019
London, 16 September 2019 – BidFX is proud to announce and welcome Wai Kin Chan as the Company’s new Head of Asia Pacific. Wai Kin will be responsible for sales team leadership, driving sales growth.

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