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BidFX liquidity offering keeps growing, adds XTX Markets

2 November 2017 BidFX

BidFX, an industry leading EMS designed for the 5 trillion daily FX market, is pleased to announce that XTX Markets, the world’s second largest electronic trader in spot FX, has joined BidFX as their newest liquidity provider.

BidFX CRO, John McGrath, commented, “We are thrilled to have market leading liquidity provider XTX Markets go live on the BidFX platform.  The BidFX client driven model seeks to develop and foster an unfettered environment for best execution, the addition of XTX Markets to our liquidity provider pool solidly reinforces this model.“

XTX Markets is now the world’s second largest electronic trader in spot FX. Whilst a top 3 player in majors, they also specialise in less liquid currencies such as ZAR, TRY, RUB, MXN, SEK, NOK, SGD and precious metals. XTX focuses on supplying liquidity to funds and asset managers and earlier this year launched Zero Hold Time liquidity, becoming one of the first LPs to publicly commit to not using a last look window for its disclosed business. XTX’s approach ties in nicely with BidFX’s multi-asset class approach and is characterised by incorporating cross-asset information from its equity, commodity and futures businesses which gives it uncorrelated FX skews.