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BidFX ahead of the curve in low-touch trading

13 June 2018 BidFX

At BidFX we like to stay one step ahead and that’s why we have delivered on the automation needs of our buy-side clients. While the bank sector is also beginning to integrate this strategy, it is undeniable that the buy-side community is now actively driving the agenda with tech savvy firms like BidFX to have automation support their trading desks.

One of the questions I am asked most frequently is about the various ways to automate FX execution and workflow. This is a hot topic as the buy-side community is looking to automation to assist in removing human error, increase trading speeds, minimize costs and allow traders to focus their attention on more illiquid currencies.

For these reasons, it is a trend BidFX has seen coming and is actively providing solutions for. Well versed in the needs of this community, we have received tremendous feedback from users on the many ways we streamline the process of increasing automation on their FX trading. Our offerings including Rules Based Trading, a robust Algo Hub, Gamma Trading and additional bespoke solutions, help our clients to achieve their goals when looking to automate FX flow. Our goal for these tools has been to provide our clients with the flexibility to step away from button clicking and an ability to see their strategies from a new vantage point. Clearly our goals and the goals of our clients are aligned because the number of traders actively using our automation tools has more than doubled since 2017. As the year progresses, we are seeing this trend continue and look forward to supporting it through our innovative offerings.

Hadley Yost, Sales Director