From The Management


3 August 2017 Thomas G. Mullooly, Head of Sales Americas, BidFX

BidFX, a TradingScreen Company, enjoyed market leading ADV growth of 116% in July YoY.  This was driven by both new client adoption as well as growth from the existing franchise.  EMEA, APAC, and The Americas all contributed to these positive results.

The growth is especially impressive when evaluated against the backdrop of much lower July YoY ADV results announced by other competitor platforms in the space. Also noteworthy is BidFX’s July MoM ADV growth of 15.2% compared to the other platforms’ declining ADV in July MoM.

BidFX continues to differentiate itself through innovation and a nimble response to the FX Market’s continually evolving needs.  We address execution, workflow, and regulatory requirements proactively to keep pace with the changing landscape of the market.

We will remain committed to this strategy and feel it will yield more satisfied clients as well as continued growth in market share and ADV.