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Acquisition will accelerate momentum to establish SGX as a one-stop venue for international FX OTC and futures participants Continued revenue growth in BidFX driven by record trading volumes and onboarding of new clients Singapore Exchange.
Media & Industry News 6 February 2020
Strong growth in trading volumes in US and European trading hours Provides OTC clients with centralised clearing via its FlexC FX futures as well as an enhanced BidFX OTC platform Singapore Exchange (SGX) remains the.
SGX expands FX growth pillar with strategic investment in BidFX SGX sees opportunity in bringing together FX futures, OTC markets BidFX accelerating sales, development of next-generation cloud-based FX trading platform Singapore Exchange (SGX), Asia’s most.
New SGX FlexC FX Futures offer market participants the ability to trade customisable foreign exchange (FX) futures in an over-the-counter (OTC) manner and clear the trades on SGX’s platform Singapore Exchange (SGX), which operates Asia’s.
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